Macario Lacbawan Jr.



2015–present Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Institute of Ethnology/SFB 1095, Goethe University

Arbeits- und Forschungsschwerpunkte

  • Cultural Sociology
  • Anthropology of State
  • Sociology and Anthropology of Food
  • Indigenous Peoples' Movements
  • Philippines
  • Collective Trauma & Heritage


Lacbawan, Macario (2016). Assembling Barbarity, Dirt, and Violence: A Provisional Note on Food and Social Analysis. In Asia Pacific Social Science Review 16(2): 16-36.

Uzelac, K., Nasar, S., & Lacbawan jr, M. B. (2015). That was a joke, you should laugh!”–Tour Guides and the Performance of History in Budapest, Hungary. Studia ethnologica Croatica, (27), 307-326. PDF

Lacbawan, Macario.  B.  Jr.  (2014). Eating my Best friend:  Empty Icon and   Competing Discourses on Dog Meat Consumption in the Philippines. In Ferit Uslu, Erol Topuz, Tamer Oguz Cankorur and Busra Akalin (eds.) International Conference On Education and Social Sciences (Intcess14), Vol. I and II. Istanbul: International Organization Center of Academic Research. (pp. 622-628). PDF

Lacbawan, Macario. B. Jr. (2014). Book Review “Marketing Death: Culture and the Making of a Life Insurance Market in China” C. Shun-Ching Chan. In Kasarinlan: Journal of Third World Studies 29(1): 167-171. PDF

Lacbawan, Macario. B. Jr. (2010). “Jesus is/against Kabunian: When Ritualists Interpret Catholicism in Mt. Province” (Abstract Only). Proceeding of the International Conference on Higher Education Research: Utilization, Experience and Discovery. Alfredo R. Rabena & Genaro V. Japos (eds). Vigan City, Ph: Vigan Printing Press



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