Dr. Marina B.V. Martin


Since May 2015

Research Fellow/Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin, Collaborative Research Centre/Sonderforschungsbereich 1095, Project C3: ‘Membership as a Precarious Resource: Attributions of Status in the Imperial Peripheries’, Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main

Apr 2013–Mar 2015

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Mellon funded Human Economy Programme, University of Pretoria, South Africa

Oct 2012–Sep 2013

Visiting Research Fellow, Asia Research Centre, London School of Economics.

Sep 2012–Oct 2012

Expert Contributor (freelance), Oxford Analytica

Sep 2010–Nov 2010

Experienced Associate, Accenture Institute for High Performance, London
Contracted to work full-time as a consultant on a ‘Thought Leadership’ project for the 2011 World Economic Forum.

Sep 2009–Jun 2010

Postgraduate Associate Fellow and Lecturer (South Asian History), MacMillan Centre for International and Area Studies, Yale University

Jun 2008–Jun 2009

LSE, Special Teaching Programmes Unit Position: Programme Administrator for LSE-Kazakh-British Technical University Degree (part-time) Responsible for the effective financial and administrative control of the programme.

Jun 2008–Aug 2008

LSE, Department of Economic History Position: Research Assistant for Patrick O’Brien, Centennial Professor of Economic History (part-time)
Researcher for a project analysing Western conceptions of economic development in the East.

Oct 2006–Mar 2012

PhD in Economic History, LSE (mix of full and part-time registration)
Jointly supervised by Prof. Tirthankar Roy (LSE) and Prof. Gareth Austin (Cambridge and IHEID-Geneva)
Examiners: External – Dr David Washbrook (Cambridge); Internal – Prof. Tom Tomlinson (SOAS)
‘An Economic History of Hundi: 1858-1978.’
An analysis of the encounter between the British Indian administration and the South Asian indigenous credit system called hundi (and hawala) between 1858 to 1947. The dissertation particularly examines the colonial administration’s legacy of laws and regulations on hundi’s function until 1978.

Mar 2006–Jun 2007

Main Research Assistant for LSEAIDS programme run by Prof. Tony Barnett (part-time). Researcher for the LSEAIDS programme; event organization of LSEAIDS workshops and public lectures. Editing book chapter submissions and proofs.

Jun 2004–Aug 2006

HM Revenue & Customs Position: Consultant and expert witness on Hundi/Hawala (freelance) Writing expert witness reports premised on legal case evidence, and expertise of hawala/hundi, a South Asian indigenous credit institution with links to migrant worker remittances, trade and crime.

Marina Martin is a Research Fellow on the C02 project of the SFB initiative. She is interested in the colonial history and legacies of exchanges and encounters between Britain, India and Africa. A specialist on the modern economic, institutional and legal history of money and credit, Marina has explored traditional or so-called ‘informal’ credit and networks in South Asia, with particular reference to the history of hundi/hawala, and runs a blog on the history of trade: www.creditumdebitum.org

Marina is currently writing a monograph on the creation of British colonial immigration laws with respect to Indian migration in sub-Saharan Africa. This research looks at the interconnectedness in the development of British colonial ideas about Indian, African and European economic and political interests. Immigration laws provide an insight into the social and political impact of Indian migrants in the economy, but they also provide the basis for understanding how law facilitated and impeded immigration integration and citizenship. These laws underscore the implications of immigration for changing race/ethnicity and multiracial identification in colonial countries, and the changing dynamics between the ‘metropole’ and colonial ‘peripheries’.

Before returning to academia, Marina worked as a broadcast journalist with Bloomberg TV and the BBC World Service (radio), and then as a consultant carrying out research and policy analysis for government, academia and the corporate sector. She received her PhD in Economic History from LSE, an MSc in International Politics from SOAS, and a BA Hons in German from King’s College London, where she majored in German political theory

Arbeits- und Forschungsschwerpunkte

  • Indian Ocean world research charting linkages between the British colonial histories of India and Africa, with special emphasis on British colonial law.
  • Migration and citizenship during the British colonial period.
  • Traditional or so-called ‘informal’ credit and networks in South Asia, such as ‘Hundi/Hawala’.
  • Norms, laws, customs and practices of exchange which characterised
    economic transactions


Martin, M. (forthcoming 2016). ‘A South Asian Institutional Model of Exchange: Hundi in the British Colonial Era, 1858-1947’, in preparation as a book chapter for a special edition book on Money arising from the Human Economy programme conference ‘Money in the Making of World Society’ hosted in August 2014. (Editor Keith Hart with Berghahn Books.)

Martin, M. (2015). ‘Project Codification: Legal Legacies of the British Raj on the Indian Mercantile Credit Institution Hundi’, Contemporary South Asia, Volume 23, Issue 1, Special Issue: Annual Conference Edition of the British Association for South Asian Studies

Martin, M. (2012). ‘An Economic History of Hundi, 1858-1978’, PhD Thesis, Department of Economic History, London School of Economics and Political Science

Martin, M. (2009). ‘Hundi/Hawala: The Problem of Definition’, Modern Asian Studies 43

Other Select Publications and Media Articles

‘Numbers Simply Cannot Capture the Whole Picture’, by Marina Martin and Tijo Salverda, Mail & Guardian, 27th September, 2013.

‘Between Informality and Formality: Hundi/Hawala in India’, India at LSE blog, January 13, 2013.

Martin, M. (2006-7). Can Hawala Emerge from the Shadows?, SPEED, 1 (3)

‘Is SAARC a Viable Forum for Dialogue?’ paid article for The Economist, December 2002. 

Dr. Marina B.V. Martin
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C 03: Mitgliedschaft als prekäre Ressource: Statuszuschreibungen in imperialen Peripherien